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November 20, 2009

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Dear Network Marketer,
Wouldn't you just love to find a rejection-free way of building your network marketing downline that's simple, quick, painless and incredibly EFFECTIVE? A systematized formula that's so amazing, it works practically like magic?
I'd like to show you a simple but extremely powerful way for you to vastly improve your network marketing RESULTS with the same effort or even less than you are putting in now.
As amazing as it sounds, you are only about 30 minutes away from unlocking the secret formula to network marketing success. I'm Rufina James and I managed to "extract" the formula from one of the giants in the network marketing industry today, Tom "Big Al" Schreiter. It's called:
"The Amazing One-Minute Presentation"
Many of the biggest players in the network marketing and MLM industry credit Big Al for their success. That's because there's no better teacher than Big Al! He's a firm believer that skills are the secret to success in this business.
To Big Al, that means using the most important skills in the most effective way in the least amount of time. He's the leading trainer in imprinting those skills with clarity, focus... and unforgettable humor and wit!
Normally, you would have to catch Big Al's workshop when he came to town to get your hands on this information...IF he came to your town. But he can't travel to every city in the world! Many people never get a chance to hear him.
But now, you can! From the comforts of your own home... (even if it's 2 a.m.)!
It Will Show You An Amazing, Simple Method You Can
Use TODAY That Can Explode Your Downline!
This is a well-researched, proven formula carefully developed and perfected by Mr. Schreiter and his network marketing team over several years. There's nothing deceptive, nothing tricky, nothing misleading about this technique. It's not a pitch and there's absolutely no hype. It's now used by thousands of people just like you around the world (whom Mr. Schreiter personally taught) — who'll never go back to the old way of prospecting.
Engineered To Recruit With Laser-Sharp Efficiency
If you've ever heard Big Al speak, you know that he has a unique approach to network marketing — he only uses what works. But he takes it one step further, by only using what works most efficiently!
Having been an engineer before he got into network marketing, his approach is very well-thought out and systematic. Engineers know that when there's a problem, it must get fixed right — and right away. Big Al spent many years finding the most efficient ways to fix engineering problems.
Now he's applied his practical, down-to-earth thinking and experience to fix some of the biggest problems you have as a network marketer working at a home business — things like not having enough prospects, not knowing what to say to prospects (even if a good one is right in front of you), or feeling like you have to use a high-pressure sales pitch.
And, the most common problem — lack of time. Nobody has time to listen to a long presentation anymore, let alone go to a long-winded meeting to hear about the opportunity. Yet, there are thousands of people looking for a solid home business every month! They need the bottom line right away so they can make a decision and either take action or move on.
Big Al solved these problems by developing the "One-Minute Presentation." It's not a teaser. It's not throwing out bait to get an appointment for later. It's a complete, beginning-to-end presentation with all of the facts your prospect needs to know to make a fair assessment of your network marketing opportunity and decide if it's for them or not.
network marketing  
Listen to "Big Al" explain it in his own words. Just click the "Play" button to start the recording (and make sure your speakers are on).

(1:51 sound clip)

And he's "engineered" it in a way that is amazingly practical, streamlined and devastatingly effective.
Big Al's simple formula cuts through the crap and...
Gives Your Prospects All The Information They Need To Know
To Make An Intelligent Decision About Your Program
In Just ONE Minute Flat!
It's true, you can tell your prospects everything they need know in under a minute! Big All will show you how... and you will be amazed!
Not only that, but you'll be able to find out if the person you're speaking to is right for your program immediately. No more fumbling with words... no more wasting time on people who end up turning you down... or wasting time "chasing" prospects... no more wasting money sending expensive literature to people who aren't really interested.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to breeze through your presentations... no stress, no pressure, no rejection. Wouldn't it make your day to talk to eager network marketing prospects who are excited about your opportunity... and take action immediately!
With this tested and proven technique, you'll gain your prospect's trust instantly. Because you'll talk to them honestly and directly about their concerns and needs. And you'll have the confidence, knowledge, and assurance to say just the right things. After all, skill and knowledge are the best ways to obliterate doubt and fear.
Can Be Used With ANY Network Marketing Company or MLM
This strategy is totally generic and applicable to all types of network marketing opportunities and home businesses. Big Al will lead you through each step (with plenty of examples and unbeatable wit) so that you'll see how to use them with YOUR business immediately. He'll "take you by the hand" and show you exactly how do to it — precisely what to say and when. You'll be able to go out and use this strategy in real life right after listening to the audio!
Here's a preview of what you'll learn:
  • How to get presentation appointments with 100% of people you talk to... in person or on the phone.
  • The 3 questions prospects MUST know to have enough information to make a decision.
  • The simple 4-step formula for giving a brilliant presentation of your network marketing opportunity... in only one minute flat!
  • The exact words to say to grab your prospect's attention and keep them riveted to your every word!
  • What NOT to say, so you don't lose your prospect before you even get out of the gate.
  • How to bring your prospect to a point of decision with no pressure and no pitch!
  • Immediately find out if the person you're speaking to is right for your network marketing program or not.
  • Relax and have fun prospecting... while you get better results than ever before!
  • Completely generic — can be used by anyone in any network marketing company.
  • So simple and easy-to-use, that anyone who can remember 4 steps and can communicate can use it!
  • Can be used anywhere, anytime...even in the unemployment line!
This revolutionary formula just may turn out to be the most useful prospecting technique you'll ever learn. It's simply unparalleled in it's ability to cut through confusion with laser precision.
And there's no long script to remember, no devious ways to "trap" your prospect, and no double-talk. It makes recruiting new prospects easier than paint-by-numbers.
In this audio, you'll learn exactly WHAT to say and HOW to say it straight "from the horse's mouth." You'll learn how to "fill in the blanks" with the correct information — and avoid the unnecessary. It's like having a Big Al sitting right there next to you guiding you towards mastery of this success technique.
This simple formula can literally save you YEARS of disappointment and frustration. It can save years of floundering in confusion. It alone can make the difference between success and failure in your network marketing business.
Just imagine what this is worth to your home business. Imagine how much money that can make you over the years!
Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the formula, or that the audio is only 30 minutes long (or that the cost is so low). It took Big Al many years, a lot of thinking and a lot of research and testing to perfect this technique. He and his team literally spent years testing and separating what does work from what doesn't... the absolutely essential from the unnecessary. The result is a formula like no other — a totally focussed, finely-tuned recruiting machine!
And what's even better is that you don't have to pay a fortune to get your hands on this information. You don't need to spend time travelling to an expensive workshop. You don't even need to take notes.
It comes as a streaming audio with a downloadable PDF transcript, so you can study every word at your convenience.(Click here to find out what a PDF transcript is).
The price of this invaluable information has been intentionally set low so that it's within EVERYONE'S budget — because no network marketer should be without it. You can get immediate access to "The Amazing One-Minute Presentation Formula" and the transcript at the ridiculously low price of only $19.97!
If you've never downloaded anything before, don't worry. Easy, step-by-step downloading instructions are provided on the download page. And you don't need to worry about your personal information either. Your credit card information is totally secure., one of the most reliable and respected companies on the Internet, processes all our transactions. ClickBank is known for its fast checkout, instant delivery, and complete security. Click here for more information on online ordering.
Here's a look at the Table of Contents (in the Transcript):
Considering how much this simple formula can increase your earnings from the first time you use it, it's a no-brainer. You'll be able to listen to the audio from your computer at your convenience, night or day.
You have nothing to lose — your purchase is fully guaranteed for three full months.

Full Three-Month Guarantee
If you give "The Amazing One-Minute Presentation Formula" an honest try and don't get remarkable results in your network marketing, you'll get your money back.
But we must ask you to try it first. The reason is, you simply won't believe how easy and effective it is until you actually try it and see for yourself! Once you'll try it, we're sure you'll love it!
By asking you to try it first, we're actually helping you jump-start your network marketing career and home business — by making sure that you put this powerful technique into action and start reaping the results right away!

Don't wait another moment! The price has just gone up and will be raised again soon, when our marketing test is complete.
Get "The Amazing One-Minute Presentation Formula" now and watch your home business explode!
I guarantee you'll LOVE this formula! Here's an unsolicited comment from one person who's tried it:
"I really loved the presentation. I am really impressed with how a small thing can take the heat off new reps and teach them how to overcome their initial reluctance to get out there and do their thing. As you know, duplication is the key, and there is no better way to duplicate than to have motivated and relaxed people in your organization, because when the heat is off, they will put it back on themselves in a very natural way through their enthusiasm for the opportunity and products themselves.
I also am very happy that the examples were clear and very doable, and that one of the examples hit our business on the button."
- Alastair Hesketh-Jones
Try it yourself today, and see what a difference it makes! Order now by clicking on the box below:

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