A Personal Note From Robert Kiyosaki

I consider myself to be a fortunate man.

I know that my wife Kim didn't marry me for my money because when I met her, I didn't have any. I married a woman who was willing to learn, grow, take on financial challenges, and achieve her dream to become an independent woman. Both of our lives are better as a result.http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

This is the reason I invite all women, whether it's you, your partner, or your daughter, to experience what I believe will be a most incredible event for women.

I believe that for all women....
It's time to Reveal Your Dreams... and Achieve them.
Register NOW for the First Annual Rich Woman International Forum.

I'm calling all women (and the women in your lives) to join Kim and her Rich Woman World Advisors as they share their knowledge, experiences, wins, and losses on the road to financial independence. This is a team of pros that walk the talk and live the Rich Woman principles of Knowledge, Attitude, and Action. I've seen how they inspired Kim and know the same can happen for you. Through conversation, activities, experience sharing, and encouragement, you'll:

* Put aside the many hats you wear for one weekend and rediscover what you really want at this time in your life.

* Understand how the rules of money and this economy have changed and how you can grow and prosper.

* Reveal your unique natural talents and key aspects of your personal brand.

* Determine what "a rich life" looks like for you and which pathways are best suited for you to attain it.

* Apply practical tools and strategies to thrive in each of the 4 key asset classes: Real Estate, Paper Assets, Business, and Commodities.

* Learn from the successes and failures of powerful entrepreneurs and investors.

* Take away strategies for optimal health and wellness, two essentials of a Rich Life.

* Connect with other amazing, like-minded women from around the globe.

In these challenging economic conditions, now is your time to learn and grow.
Register today and join my wife Kim and her powerful team as they get you started on your personal success journey.

Thank you,
Robert Kiyosaki

Three Energizing Days Full of Learning, Inspiration and ACTION!

You'll gain knowledge. You'll walk away with a new attitude about your future that will benefit everyone in your life. And, like Kim, you'll have a plan of action for tomorrow and every day after that.

Space is limited for this event, so make the decision to invest in yourself and your future. Every day you delay is another day you decide to put your dreams on hold.
It's time to Reveal Your Dreams.... and Achieve them!
Register before January 7, 2010 and Save!

Regular price: $3500 USD
Register by January 7: $2900 USD (Save $600)

On your Rich Woman journey the support of like-minded women can be a huge asset. Bring a friend (or sister, daughter, mother, niece, aunt...) to the Rich Woman International Forum and receive a very special price.
Register at www.regonline.com/itsourtime

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