Do You Prefer Silence?

Do You Prefer Silence?
I work best without a lot of noise or diversions. White noise is fine by me, but talking distracts me like rabbits distract Labradors. Knowing this, I put myself in the right places when I need to get something important done.

To get the most out of your studying, you need to know the same things. Where do you work best? Which room in your house or dorm should you study in? Where should you do homework?

To help you figure it out, use the options below as a starter kit of sorts. Once you've considered each one, you can add more particular preferences to put your finger on the best place to get work done.

1. People or no people? Do you work best alone or surrounded by people? If you prefer company, do you like a handful or a crowd?

2. Noise or silence? Do you get the most done when surrounded by silence or do you need noise? Which kind? Radio, television, chatter, nature?

3. Home or away? Do you prefer to stay inside or head out to the library, coffee shop, or park?

Now that you know your preferences, which places fit the bill?

Meshack Maganga 2010
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